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This slider only applies to JPG, WEBP, and HEIC images and will be ignored otherwise. The better the quality, the bigger the file size. And the lower the quality, the smaller the file size.

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Free Image Converter Online: Instantly convert any Image to JPG, PNG, WebP, PDF, BMP, HEIC, and more formats. Our site is Mobile-Friendly, Easy to Use & Secure.

We use an advanced conversion method to ensure fast processing while preserving the highest quality of your images. The best part is that our services are completely free of charge, making it effortless for you to convert your images seamlessly.

What is Image Converter Online?

An Image Converter is an online tool that allows you to change the file format of an image to different formats. Different file formats are used for different purposes, and not all formats are compatible with all devices and applications. Therefore, image converter tools are essential when working with digital images.

How To Convert Image?

It's very easy to convert an image using the imgConverter website, just follow these simple steps, and you will be able to convert images

Step 1: Upload your images to imgConverter.

IMG Converter

Step 2: Select the output image format and hit the "Convert" button.

Image Converter

Step 3: After clicking the Convert button wait a few seconds.

Image Converter Online

Step 4: Then a new panel will appear from there you can "Download" your image or "Delete" it from our server.

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Can I trust to upload my images?

At imgConverter, we take pride in being recognized as a prominent image converter website on the internet. Our commitment to providing a secure and reliable platform for our users is paramount. That's why we employ advanced security measures to ensure that all uploaded images are protected and handled with utmost care.

We understand the value of privacy and acknowledge the trust placed in us by our users. As such, we offer the added reassurance that all images uploaded to our server will be permanently removed within 1 hour. Moreover, users have the option to delete their images right away using the Delete button. However, it is important to note that users should make sure to download their converted images before deleting them.

Why Convert Images?

There are several reasons why you might want to convert images:

  1. Compatibility: Different devices and applications support different file formats, and converting an image to a compatible format ensures that it can be viewed and used correctly.

  2. File size: Some file formats are more efficient than others in terms of file size, and converting an image to a smaller file size can make it easier to share or upload online.

  3. Quality: Some file formats are better suited for certain types of images, and converting an image to a different format can improve its quality, especially when it comes to resolution or compression.

  4. Functionality: Some file formats offer specific functionality, such as transparency, animation, or interactivity, and converting an image to a different format can make it more versatile or suitable for a particular purpose.

  5. Editing: Some file formats are more compatible with image editing software than others, and converting an image to a format that is compatible with your editing software can make it easier to make changes or enhancements.

What are the SEO benefits of converting an image?

For your website or online content, using an online image converter tool can have the following SEO (search engine optimization) advantages:


Faster loading times

Large image file sizes might seriously affect your website's search engine rankings by slowing down your website. Your website will take a long time to load due to large image files and unoptimized images. For this, you can use an image converter to convert your image to WebP which is better at compression and optimization for websites.


Improved user experience

By facilitating quicker and simpler viewing and interaction with your content, optimized photos can also enhance the user experience on your website. Higher engagement and fewer bounce rates may result from this, which may indicate to search engines that your website is worthwhile and pertinent.


Image search optimization

Google loves optimized images, which is why if your images are optimized then your image visibility in search results can be increased. Make sure you add proper titles, captions, and metadata to make them more optimized for the web which will help you to increase your traffic.


Mobile Optimization

It's crucial to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly given the rising use of mobile devices. Images that have been optimized can help your website operate better on mobile devices and make it simpler for mobile consumers to access and view your content.


Social media optimization

Nowadays users' ability to share and interact with your content on social media optimizing your photos can also help you do better there. This might broaden the audience you reach on social media and enhance website traffic.

What are the best image formats for SEO?

Lightweight, high-quality, and widely supported by online browsers and devices are the ideal image formats for SEO (search engine optimization). The most popular picture formats for SEO are listed below, along with reasons why they are advised:

  • JPEG (or JPG): The most popular image format for photos and graphics with a lot of color and depth is JPEG or JPG. Lossy compression is used to minimize file size while preserving good quality. JPEG is a strong option for SEO because it is widely supported by web browsers and devices.

  • PNG: For photos that need transparency or a lot of detail, PNG is a common format. Since it employs lossless compression, the image quality is not compromised when the file size is decreased. PNG is a wonderful option for SEO because it is also extensively supported by web browsers and gadgets.

  • WebP: Compared to JPG and PNG, the relatively new image format WebP offers higher compression, leading to smaller files and quicker loading times. However, not all web browsers and devices now support WebP, so it might not be the best option for all SEO objectives. But Google recommends you convert your images to webp for better optimization.

  • WebP: The advanced image format WebP, created by Google, provides improved compression while maintaining the quality outshining the traditional formats like JPEG and PNG. WebP is a great alternative to JPEG, PNG, and GIF pictures because it allows transparency and motion. Popular web browsers and picture editing programs often support it. WebP enables websites to run better and load pages more quickly.

What are the supported image formats?

imgConverter supports all the popular image formats such as BMP, DDS, DIB, DJVU, GIF, HEIC, ICNS, ICO, JP2, JPE, JPEG, JPG, PNG, PSD, RAW, SVG, TIFF, TGA, WEBP, and can convert themes to these image formats AI, BMP, GIF, HEIC, ICO, JPG, PDF, PNG, PSD, SVG, TIFF, and WEBP. If you can't find the image format you are looking for then don't worry we will add more image formats in the future.

Why use imgConverter?

Quick Conversion

Quick Conversion

Convert images in seconds using our advanced conversion method.

No Limitations

No Limitations

Convert unlimited images for free without any restrictions or limitations.

Lossless Quality

Lossless Quality

With our next-gen converting methods, download converted images at their original quality.

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Converting images has never been this easy just Upload, Convert & Download.

Works Anywhere

Works Anywhere is a web-based app accessible from any browser. So no need to download or install any program on your device.

Highly Secure

Highly Secure

Your images are securely encrypted with a 256-bit SSL connection during upload and automatically deleted within 1 hour for enhanced privacy.